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Privacy Policy

Last updated on the 5th May 2015.  This privacy policy is effective immediately for users registering after this date.The Privacy Policy details our policy on collection, use and disclosure of information that we collect about you during your use of My Local Guru. 

By using the site you consent to My Local Guru’s use of this data as described in the Privacy Policy and by extension the Privacy Policies of any of our service providers.

We use Google Maps API and their privacy policy can be found here http://www.google.com/privacy.html

What information do we collect?

We do not collect and store any information on our servers or within the app.

We do have access to information from the various App stores about downloads and from Google Analytics.

  • The number of people who have downloaded the App
  • The makes and models of devices that have accessed the Application.
  • The network used
  • Where devices are used geographically (geo-location)

All data is kept in an anonymous form.

What we use the information for?

The data collected is to allow the application to provide its service and for Analytics, Advertising and any other location based interactions.


We use data pertaining to where you are (geo-location) and what you are looking for (the page accessed) to give the information you have requested.


Advertising service providers are allowed to access geographical data and data usage to allow advertising communication in the form of banners and other advertisements which is relevant to the user experience.

There will be no transfer of personal data if the advertisement is inserted by My Local Guru

AdMob (Google Inc.)

This is an advertising service provided by Google Inc.  For further details check AdMob website for their Privacy Policy (www.google.co.uk/ads/admob)


These services allow My Local Guru to analyse and monitor traffic on the site to assist us in improving the user experience.

Google Analytics (Google)

Google analytics is a web analysis site service provided by Google Inc. which uses the data collected to track and examine the usage of My Local Guru. In this case which screens are accessed and how often.  It prepares reports that it will then share with other Google services, which can be used to increase the relevance of any advertising.

For further details check AdMob website for their Privacy Policy www.google.com/analytics/

Geo-location services

My Local Guru collects uses and shares this information to provide location based services and information. All mobile devices have the ability to opt out of this service.

Push Notifications: My Local Guru may send push notifications to the user but they may opt-out.

System Logs

For operation and maintenance purposes My Local Guru may collect files and record interaction within the Application. There will be no personal information included.

Changes to this privacy Policy

My Local Guru reserves to the right to change this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to its users on this page.  It is recommended that this page is checked regularly.  If the user objects to any changes then the user must cease to use My Local Guru.




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