Our technology is designed to connect residents and visitors with local information, events, and organisations

We source information from global sources and then enhance it with information from local people and businesses

You can be an entry in one of our published Apps or have your own branded App

If you are a local business, town council, BID team or tourism organisation you have found the right site.



Getting Listed

You may already be listed. We source some of our data from Google and you simply need to take ownership of your entry or create a new one. This is a free service from Google. We intend adding more sources, for example Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook and more.

When a search is requested the App typically displays upto 20 results.

Therefore to feature in a list you need to be one of the top 20 places recognised by provider as being relevant to the search.

The good news is that our guided prompts usually ensure that most relevant and closest places within a reasonable search area are found. 

The better news is that if you are based in a "Network" town the searches are optimised even more.

1.  Free listing

You can get a free listing that includes the following:

  • Name and contact details
  • Telephone number with click to call
  • Opening hours
  • Links to your website
  • Link to Google+ page and reviews
  • Images from Google+
  • Maps, route planning and street view where available

This is one of the most comprehensive set of free capabilities that we have encountered.

Register your details on Google Places, use the link below if you wish.


Care is needed to choose the correct classification and description.

Note. My Local Guru will return up to 20 results. In areas where there is a very high density of a particular places type there is no guarantee that you will appear in the results despite our enhancements but this is unusual. If you have a website then there is a better chance of a match.

If your town joins the "Network" then for most business types we can ensure that you are found.

2.  Menu Listing

You can rent a button on a particular menu screen, for example at the bottom of the accommodation screen. This can be on a town, county, specified area or country basis.

You have the option of the button taking the user to:

  • A page that looks like a magazine advertisement with embedded click to call and goto website
  • A very detailed page hosted by My Local Guru
  • A mobile aware microsite of your choice: your own or one developed and hosted by My Local Guru Ltd.

NB. All My Local Guru buttons are black and white with a touch of red, therefore customer button listings are very powerful as they draw the eye.

Detailed page hosted by My Local Guru includes:

  • Premium placement
  • Premium layout with large image
  • Company logo or image as menu button
  • Short description
  • Logo or image in listing
  • Long description that can include prices, menus etc.
  • Up to 5 images of their choice
  • Option to list on the local offers page.

3.  Directory Listing

In some cases the user has the option to choose from a list of content providers including a local source. This ensures that all local businesses will be returned when a user is within the town. This also enables a town to reduce leakage and for the selected local provider only local businesses will be returned.

For some local sources the following options become available.

  • Premium placement in the list
  • Business logo or coloured image in the row
  • Short description in the row
  • Long description on the details page
  • Up to 5 images on the details page
  • Opening hours on the details page
  • Alternative option to navigate to microsite instead of a details page.

This option is especially powerful when supporting local festivals where event times can be included.


My Local Guru is here to help promote the local high street, and where a town engages we work to ensure that this happens by reducing search areas or by developing local databases.

Some organisations naturally need a bigger footprint, for example a tourist attraction. In these instances an organisation can appear over larger areas, perhaps a wider tourist area such as the English Riviera or an historic county such as Cornwall.

In this instance My Local Guru can source bespoke lists of attractions and venues. As always we will endeavour to ensure that all similar places get included for free. As per our model the standard entry is generous but premium entries are available.

Why have a customised menu button?

1. Prominence - You are seen by the customer before they choose to go to the listings containing your competitors.  We decided to make all of our own images black and white with touches of red to ensure that all advert buttons are clearly visible and draw the eye.

2. With the 'free listing' the App displays the results that the content provider return to us.  If you don't get returned by them you will not be listed.



My Local Guru has been used in over 60 countries so far

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My Local Guru is adding wider local areas such as counties.

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As more towns joint the Local Guru Network they are choosing there own local branding and providing hyper local content

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