Our technology is designed to connect residents and visitors with local information, events, and organisations

We source information from global sources and then enhance it with information from local people and businesses

You can be an entry in one of our published Apps or have your own branded App

If you are a local business, town council, BID team or tourism organisation you have found the right site.



Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the most common points raised with us.

How much does My Local Guru cost to install?

The App is free to install.

How much does it cost to get my business listed?

Listing is free when we use data from Google. If you have registered your business with Google Places/ My Business you could appear in the listings.

In some instances we create our own data and if you find you are not listed then please contact us for a free listing.

Why do some of the searches return anomalous results?

Some searches return closed businesses or businesses that do not fit the search criteria.  This is because the data on Google is typically user entered: if a business moves they do not always think to amend their Google Places listing so the data is out of date, or if a shop has classified themselves as a "restaurant" they will appear on restaurant searches and not shop searches. This is completely outside of our control and even if we are aware a listing is incorrect only the business owner or their agents can change the listing.

When a town is added to the Network and we create a database in partnership the data is validated.

My business is not displayed, why?

My Local Guru uses a number of data sources but mainly Google Places.  In order for your business to appear on our searches your business needs to be registered on Google Places which you can do yourself for free or contact us and we will help to manage your digital identity. 

When registering on Google Places you also need to ensure that your business is classified appropriately, for example if you are a hotel you need to be classified as a "lodging", a restaurant as a "restaurant" or a restaurant that also does delivery and/or takeaway as a "restaurant" "takeaway" and/or "food delivery".

Failure to classify yourself correctly will result in your listing either not appearing or it appearing in the wrong places.

Will My Local Guru work in countries where English is not the official language?

Yes.  The App works well for services typically used by someone visiting a country such as where to stay, eat and for entertainment.

Does My Local Guru modify the data that is returned from 3rd Parties?

As a matter of design the App does not modify data but it endeavours to improve the experience by offering links to other data sources when available.  For example when in the UK an attempt to find a hygiene rating presents a list of potential businesses and does not attempt to positively indicate a match.  This is because different data sources may have slightly different keys, such as name and address.

Does My Local Guru modify the order that information is returned from 3rd Parties?

No. By default the App lists the results of searches from 3rd parties in relevance order. 

When we create the database the order may be influenced by additional factors such as sponsorship but this will be clear.

The user can modify how they see the results by distance, rating or on a map.

Does My Local Guru modify the rating information returned from 3rd parties?

No. All reviews are as per the original source.  Any overall rating is as sourced.  The App does not attempt to summarise the detailed reviews and the user is advised to go to the detailed reviews for the detailed ratings and comments.



My Local Guru has been used in over 60 countries so far

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My Local Guru is adding wider local areas such as counties.

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As more towns joint the Local Guru Network they are choosing there own local branding and providing hyper local content

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