My Local Guru has an extensive set of features and capabilities

We source data from many places and mash it together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts

In this section you can explore our current features




Features and Capabilities Overview

My Local Guru uses menus consisting of image buttons to take the user to further menus, lists of places and businesses or details about a particular place. The flow is designed to reveal ever more about a place or business.

Place details

Currently we either source infromation from Google Places (My Business) or we generate local listings for towns in the My Local Guru Town Network.

Extra Places Detail

We add value to a listing by looking up additional information that can include:

  • Google Plus link
  • Food Standards Rating (UK)
  • Local crime statistics for the last quarter
  • Additional photographs
  • Streetview

Live Music Events

Our App enables you to search for local music events in many cities around the world from London to New York and from Paris to Rio de Janeiro.


Our App provides information in most countries but in the UK it is augmented by real-time data.

Local Events

The App has extensive lists of local events. Many are sourced from Eventbrite where local people and businesses can add their events. In the UK special lists have been created.

Local Police and Crime

In the UK (excluding Scotland) we provide information on the local police force and an insight into local crime figures.

Food Standards

As an augmented feature from the "MORE" menu for hotels, bars and restaurants the App will try and find a match from the FSA. It will present its best attempt at a match for the user to review.

Points of Interest

The App currently uses GeoNames and Wikipedia to show local points of interest


My Local Guru has been used in over 60 countries so far

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My Local Guru is adding wider local areas such as counties.

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As more towns joint the Local Guru Network they are choosing there own local branding and providing hyper local content

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