Our technology is designed to connect residents and visitors with local information, events, and organisations

We source information from global sources and then enhance it with information from local people and businesses

You can be an entry in one of our published Apps or have your own branded App

If you are a local business, town council, BID team or tourism organisation you have found the right site.




About Us

We are a hyperlocal information and services platform provider. Our ambition is to build a network of local communities using our technology to prosper by keeping it local.

Our technology can be repurposed to produce a wide range of unique stand-alone products

  • City or Town Guide
  • Tourism Apps
  • Local Magazine Apps
  • Event Guides
  • Business Improvement District Apps
  • Business Apps

We can offer individual bespoke Apps or add your content to our generic multi-purpose App - My Local Guru

If you choose to have your own branded App you can still appear in the generic App as well if you wish.

We are not the first company to build a local community app. Where many local solutions fail is that they provide no coverage outside of a very restrictive area. Our solution starts from the basic principle that it offers a valuable service anywhere and everyhere. We then take that service and make it better by engaging with local stakeholders to add new services.

The App stores are heavily populated with Apps that repurpose content from Google, Foursquare, Yelp and so on, so what makes us different? Well we have built an extensive system of menus that help guide you to a focused search. Then we optimise the search and the distance to match what the user is looking for. When results are returned we then filter out the worst of the "matches" that sneak in from over enthusiastic data entry.

When we have a good set of results we then add extra value by finding local points of interest, food hygiene rating, crime statistics and more.

We provide additional services for example train station search and real-time updates, live music search and local event look-up. 

For places that join the "Network" we can build a local database of services and attractions and add RSS news feeds to local information, local government services or information on local education.





My Local Guru has been used in over 60 countries so far

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My Local Guru is adding wider local areas such as counties.

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As more towns joint the Local Guru Network they are choosing there own local branding and providing hyper local content

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